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Better Nutrition for Better Lives

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Food systems are increasingly challenged to ensure food security and balanced diets for all, around the world. Almost 800 million people are chronically hungry, while over two billion people suffer from ‘hidden hunger’, with one or more micronutrient deficiencies. Meanwhile, over two billion people are overweight, with a third of them clinically obese, and hence more vulnerable to non-communicable diseases.Overcoming hunger and malnutrition in the 21st century does not simply involve increasing food available, but also improving access, especially for the hungry. Creating healthy, affordable and sustainable food systems for all is the most effective way to achieve this. Since 1945, food production has tripled as average food availability per person has risen by 40 percent. But despite abundant food supplies, almost 800 million still go hungry every day, of whom most live in developing countries. Many more go hungry seasonally or intermittently. Hunger affects their ability to work and to learn. Clearly, the problem is not just one of food availability, but also of access.The health of over two billion people is compromised because their diets lack essential micronutrients, which prevents them reaching their full human potential. ‘Hidden hunger’, or micronutrient deficiencies, undermines the physical and cognitive development of their children, exposing them to illness and premature death. Ironically, in many parts of the world, hunger co-exists with rising levels of obesity. Over two billion people are overweight, with a third of them deemed obese. This, in turn, exposes them to greater risk of diabetes, heart problems and other diet-related non-communicable diseases.

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J. Sundaram
Institute of Strategic and International Studies

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. . Международная аналитика. 2017;(4):63-70.

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Sundaram J.K. Better Nutrition for Better Lives. International Analytics. 2017;(4):63-70. (In Russ.)

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